The Shoes

Muñiz’s shoe styles have been named after women and girls in Villarroel’s life: there is Carmen, named after her late mother; Sheila, Rhea, and Christina for her sisters; and Gianelli for her bestfriend Gelli de Belen, and Catherine for pal Janice de Belen, among others.

For Muñiz’s debut collection, the shoe brand offers a diverse array of styles that are both functional and quirky. While selecting durable and comfortable material for her designs, Villarroel indulged her shoe lover’s imagination by combining different classic shoe styles and using eye-catching colors. The result is a versatile selection that can draw in her fellow shoe lovers from different ages and style preferences. Ranging from classic to unconventionally sexy to avant-garde, Muñiz’s premiere offering is set to grace many stylish women’s closets.

Shoe sizes go from 5 to 10, with half-sizes available. We produce only a small number of shoes per size thus making each style a limited edition.

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